About us

TheWildborn is founded by two friends who set out on a journey through southeast Asia and Europe. Coming from Sweden we've always had a great love for the outdoor and adventure. As kids we would often spend our whole days out in the forrest, building treehouses and hunt elk with our self made sticks, although we never managed to catch anything, shocking I know.

As we got older we found this need within us to start exploring other parts of the world and that led us to Asia. With its endless white beaches, blue oceans and amazing hiking trails, we found ourselves in heaven.

Before we embarked on this 8 month long adventure my mother gave me a small bracelet. It was nothing special but I loved it and it felt amazing to have this small trinket with me at all times. I still wear it to this day. 

When I came home I found myself often looking down on my wrist and with a smile on my face I would think back at all the crazy adventures we had been through, all the cool people we met and all the amazing things we got to experience.

I want everyone to have that. To be able to carry something small to remind us of who we truly are. To never let us forget the explorer and adventurer within us. To be able to express ourselves and to wear it with pride because we are restless seekers and we won't stop until we've seen it all.